“I could hardly believe that amongst all of today’s fantasy, she could come up with a world so different and unlike anything I’d come across before…Manieri has definitely reignited my love for epic fantasy, and I think she is certainly one of the top female fantasy writers I’ve come across in recent years.”

Emma Smith, Book Monkey Scribbles

“will leave you without a chance to catch your breath…a delightfully dark and delicious plot”

Falcata Times

“an intricate and interesting storyline full of the unexpected…a dashing first novel, highlighted by an intricate plot well served by complex and unpredictable characters, and an overall delectable theatrical quality that sets the book apart from many other fantasy works.”

Sabine Gueneret – Fantasy Book Critic

“a bold and bolshy debut that knocks the wind out of you from the very first paragraph and offers scarce few opportunities to recover…superb story-telling style”

Alice Wybrew – Fantasy Book Review

“I found myself addicted to the world…Manieri goes further than many in creating two distinct cultures and races, and the clash of cultures is very nicely written and brought to life on the page. The story and characters are original and fresh”

Civilian Reader