My process

Here’s my process right now for STRIFE’S BANE:

1. Read description of chapter from outline.
2. Note all the ways the previous changes have made this useless and toss it out.
3. Work up new outline for chapter.
4. Write 50% of chapter.
5. Get stuck. Look at outline. Ask, “Why is this awesome?” Answer (invariably) “It’s not.”
6. Discover what’s not awesome about it.
7. Get new, totally awesome idea on how to fix it.
8. Take some time to calm down and resist urge to email editor so that genius can be recognized.
9. Rewrite first 50% while thinking, “Why did I spend four hours writing this shite?”
10. Take a break.
11. Write 45% of remaining 50%
12. Dither 1-2 hours on the best possible ending.
13. Decide to work on the ending later.
14. Repeat steps #1-14 a minimum of 45x.

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