Bam! That happened!

So, last Friday night was my first ever book signing, in the friendly confines of the Barnes & Noble on East 86th St. in Manhattan. In addition to these signs peppering the store, you could also witness my giant, disembodied head floating across an LCD screen against a red background. Apparently, several neighbors from the building where I’ve lived since 1998 learned my name from walking past it, which is nice in a weird, New York kind of way.

This is me signing a book. For reals. People bought them and everything.

We had a little party afterwards, and this was our amazing cake, provided by Glaser’s Bakery on 1st Avenue, a family run business since 1902. Pretty sweet, isn’t it? It was a two-layer vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. I was looking forward to leftovers. There weren’t any.

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